about us

Say it Quik 4.0 is a simple and easy to use online and offline messenger. Say it Quik uses 3G/LTE or WiFi connection to send online messages to your friends and family however, when there is no data or internet connection Say it Quik still lets you send messages to your friends and family. Simply, go to NearBy Chat and start browsing to find out who is there.

So whether you're on the cruise or on the beach or even traveling where internet/data connection is scarce use Say it Quik and start messaging instantly. And to add icing on the cake, all the messages sent using Say it Quik, NearBy Chat are ephemeral meaning all the messages and contents are destroyed after 20 secs. So enjoy the freedom of open messaging and say what you want but, Say it Quik!


Search for your friends and family with their phone number or name and send them messages instantly anywhere in the world. For FREE!

Sends messages even without any data or internet connection.

All the offline messages or nearby chats are destroyed after 20 seconds or when you exit the conversation. Offline messages or nearby chats don't make it to our servers ie they are not stored in our databases hence, cannot be retrieved.

Send messages privately. Invite more than one friend to join the conversation and form a group. Sign up using your phone number.